Event Overview

Continued Growth in a New Policy Landscape

As ACORE celebrates its 15th Anniversary, our annual National Renewable Energy Policy Forum returns to the nation’s capital. Come be part of the discussion as industry leaders and senior officials offer a pragmatic perspective on challenges and opportunities for the renewable energy industry in the new political alignment. Key topics include:

  • Renewable energy’s importance to the American economy as one of the nation’s most important sources of investment and job growth;
  • The timing and outlook of the upcoming push for comprehensive federal tax reform, and the potential repercussions for the renewable energy sector;
  • The prospects for a large-scale infrastructure initiative and the benefits of increased investment in renewables, grid expansion, resiliency, and modernization as part of any such effort;
  • The important role of state policy in the energy sector, and the potential for new and innovative state initiatives that promote renewable energy investment and deployment;
  • Prospects for new policies that support energy storage, distributed generation, grid modernization and energy market expansion; and
  • An assessment of potential Federal regulatory changes and their impacts on the business of renewable energy.
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